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Mediterranean Flavors, Local Ingredients

We are partnering directly with local growers and producers to build a healthier supply chain

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Thoughtful Sourcing

A desire to nourish pervades everything we do, from our culinary creations to the environment we curate, to the producers we choose to conduct business with. As a local food business, we have an opportunity to become a link between community members and the local producers who strive to create a product with integrity

By sourcing directly from small and mid-size operations, we nourish a local supply chain and the people, farmers, and families within it who prioritize the wellbeing of our community, its people, and the environment.

It's called thoughtful sourcing and we're all about it.

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Sourcing Locally: The Good & the bad  The Challenging

Buying locally often means you are supporting more sustainable production practices, contributing to fewer transportation emissions, offering more flavorful and nutritious foods, and supporting the growth of families and communities.

Yet, most food establishments do not source locally. Why?

Local sourcing has its fair set of challenges pertaining to economies of scale, distribution, consistency, and product availability. 

Luckily, we're not ones to shy away from a challenge; We'd much rather take the bowl by the horns.

Farm to Bowl

by simone's

Farm to Bowl is our answer to the challenges of sourcing locally. Using our platform we will connect directly to small and mid-size growers and producers who strive to produce a good-for-all product. We will develop strong partnerships based on knowledge and trust through which we can source more ingredients locally. Our aim is to find creative ways to overcome the challenges of local sourcing in order to connect the public with their local food growers and producers and create a supply chain that supports our community, the people within it and the environment.

Stay posted to learn more about our initiative and future developments!


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We're on our way to creating a healthier supply chain!

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