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We're On A Mission.

Are You In?

It Involves A lot Of Hummus.

We are on a mission to change what it means to work in a

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And we're doing it

The Mediterranean Way.

restaurant —

Simple ingredients that are thoughtfully combined to create incredible flavors,

that's the philosophy of the Mediterranean Cuisine. But that's only half of it.

When you pair food that nourishes the body with hospitality that nourishes

the spirit, that's when you achieve something truly special.

But none of that is possible without a workplace that honors those values.

Scroll down to see how we take care of our family.

So You Have No Experience?

You're Hired.

Where you've been matters, but where you want to go matters more. We hire people - from all walks of life - who are passionate about learning, growing, and being a part of something bigger than themselves.

We teach you the rest.

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Our Team Is Made Up Of 2 Types of Positions

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Culinary Focused

Bring your kitchen skills or we'll show you the way.

Every morning you'll start from scratch, using simple, wholesome ingredients sourced locally and globally. You'll slice and chop, spice and marinate. You'll learn how to grill and roast, and how to taste and flavor.


You will use these skills to offer guests a source of nourishment that is quick, healthy, and affordable.

Simone's Kitchen Culinarian
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Every interaction is an opportunity to positively impact someone.


You will host a one-of-a-kind experience for every guest that includes serving their meal and providing high quality service while keeping a space that is inviting and inspiring. We believe that everyone deserves to experience top-notch hospitality.

Hospitality & Service Centered


Leadership &


Growth opportunities are available for individuals with a passion for leading others.

Come grow with us!

Family First, It's The Mediterranean Way.

Simone's Kitchen is a family-first company, we take care of our team members just as they take care of our guests. We want to go beyond what is typical in the restaurant industry - and we are doing so with strong pay and valuable benefits.

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Free Meals

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Strong Hourly

+ Tips

+ Benefits

+ More

Come As You Are And Become The Best You

Our Culture

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Yes, we serve food - but there's more to the story.

The Simone's Team is united by a purpose to put something of value into the world. It starts by nourishing people, enriching their bodies & minds in a space that lifts their spirits.  Showing others what is possible through collaboration is how we impact the world and always striving for the best is how we inspire others to do the same.


Part-time or full-time, here for a year or a life-time. It doesn't matter.

Each of us has the power to learn, grow, and shape the world we want to see. 

What is Life without Purpose?

 And What Is Purpose Without People?

We just do it with a Mediterranean Flare.

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