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Thoughtful Sourcing

"Bowls for the Soul" is our expression of a desire to nourish people in the deepest sense: a desire that pervades everything from the food we serve to the people we conduct business with. 

 As such, we see ourselves as a critical link between consumers and the producers who strive to do it right. Buying local is how we can share our success and spread the wealth to the deserving small and mid-level producers who prioritize the wellbeing of the consumer and the preservation of our environment.

It's called Thoughtful Sourcing, and we're all about it.

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buying local text.png

Buying local often means you are supporting more sustainable production practices, contributing to fewer transportation emissions, offering fresher & more nutritious foods, and supporting the growth of families & communities. Yet, it's rare to find food establishments that source locally, and that's because sourcing locally has its fair set of challenges pertaining to economies of scale, distribution, consistency, and product availability. 

Luckily, we believe that challenges are meant to be overcome.   


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Farm to Bowl

Farm to Bowl is an initiative created to connect us directly to local growers and producers who are doing the right thing. Our aim is to establish lines of communication that allow us to get to know and trust our sources. We want to purchase locally whenever possible, and in doing so, set an example for other food establishments. Together, we can find solutions that target everything from distribution challenges to mother nature's inconsistencies. In other words, imperfect produce can be perfectly delicious and we'll even meet you half way to get 'em!

Connect with us

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