Thoughtful Sourcing

Our desire to nourish pervades everything from the food we serve and the environment we curate, to the people we choose to conduct business with. As such, we have an opportunity to become a link between consumers and the local producers who strive to do it right. By sourcing locally whenever possible, we can share our success with the small to mid-size growers and producers who prioritize the wellbeing of people and the environment.

It's called Thoughtful Sourcing, and we're all about it.

We are creating a marketplace that connects us directly to the local growers and producers who are doing it right!

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buying local text.png

Buying locally often means you are supporting more sustainable production practices, contributing to fewer transportation emissions, offering fresher & more nutritious foods, and supporting the growth of families & communities. Yet, it's relatively rare to find food establishments that source locally, and that's because local sourcing has its fair set of challenges pertaining to economies of scale, distribution, consistency, and product availability. 


Luckily, we're not ones to shy away from a challenge; We'd much rather take the bowl by the horns.


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Farm to Bowl

Farm to Bowl is our initiative to source more ingredients locally by connecting directly to small and mid-size growers and producers. Using our platform as a point of communication, we will develop strong partnerships based on knowledge and trust through which we can source our ingredients. However, it isn't just about us: we are committed to finding creative ways to connect our partners with the public using our platform to market their businesses and goods. Together, we can overcome everything from challenges in distribution to mothers nature's inconsistencies, and more. In other words, we know that imperfect produce is perfectly delicious, and we'll even meet you halfway to pick it up!